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General surgery involves the diagnosis and surgical management of a wide range of conditions affecting any part of your body. A doctor specializing in general surgery is called a general surgeon and is usually an integral part of your entire preoperative and postoperative care.

Training in general surgery can take up to 5 years. A general surgeon has extensive knowledge in physiology, anatomy, pathology, nutrition, immunology, wound healing, intensive care, etc., and experience in nine primary components of surgery which include:

  • Head and neck
  • Endocrine system
  • Alimentary tract
  • Vascular system
  • Skin, breasts, and soft tissue
  • Abdomen and its organs
  • Surgical oncology
  • Trauma
  • Critical illnesses

Some of the common conditions treated by a general surgeon include hernia, inflammation of the colon, gallstones, pancreatic diseases, acid reflux, bowel obstructions, appendicitis, vascular injuries, birth defects, cancers, and damage to other organs.

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