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Dietary Advice

A balanced diet is one that provides an adequate amount of nutrients to your body to maintain good health. It should consist mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean proteins, whole grains, and water.

Growth and Nutrition

Nutrition is extremely important in childhood, as it forms the basis for the development of a healthy adult body. Young children require various nutrients including vitamins and minerals that help with normal growth. These nutrients play a role in strengthening the teeth, bones, joints, and muscles, and help in the effective functioning of the body’s organs. Not only physical but early mental development is also affected by nutrition. This includes brain development, memory, and attention.

Diet Control

Diet plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy urological system. After nutrients are absorbed from food, waste is carried to the kidneys for excretion as urine. Many kidney problems can be prevented or managed by modifying your present diet. Reduce your intake of salty, processed foods, protein, phosphorus-rich foods, and potassium-rich foods, and instead, increase your intake of fluids, fruits, and vegetables.

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